Thursday, April 26, 2012

SnowBall Block Lotto

I always love the Mpls Modern Quilt Guild block lottos.  This month we did a snowball block.  I think making "snowballs" in April in Minnesota is hilarious because, even though we had an incredibly mild winter, the last thing we want to hear about in April is snowballs!  But I can certainly deal with this kind of snowball.
 We made four small blocks instead of one larger one.  So simple to do and... many options to put them together.  We have yet to see a finished quilt from any of our lottos, and I have not won one yet.  My odds are getting better though because once you win a lotto, you can't win again until you complete the quilt.  It seems like everyone still likes to contribute blocks even if they can't win, so hopefully my day will come soon.  This block is definitely one that I will use again in my own quilting.

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