Sunday, November 25, 2012

blogs are slogs

Every once in a while I receive newspaper clippings from my Dad that address a topic that he thinks I might be interested in (or that he thinks I should be interested in).   I love getting newspaper articles from my Dad!  
I got this one earlier this year and honestly didn't read it in it's entirety until recently.  The gist of the article is that large companies have started giving up on blogs because they just aren't working.  To that I say Hooray!!  I have never really enjoyed the "corporate blog".  You can usually tell that there is a staff person whose job it is to make the corporation seem more "human".  Over the years I have slowly weeded those blogs out of my blog reader.

I am happy to have a blog where nine real humans commented on my last post.  That may not seem like much, but it is fantastic to me.  I've never been one for big parties.  I really prefer the more intimate gatherings where people can actually get to know each other.  I truly enjoyed hearing the winter plans of those nine people.  Here's to all ten of us finding the beauty of this coming winter!  And congrats to lucky number seven (Chris C.) for winning the Constellations Charm Pack!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Finding Winter's Beauty: Part #1 of Hopefully Many

While walking around my neighborhood lake this morning, I spotted this sight.  My First thought was "F@#$%*#  Ice!!!"  My next thought was "it's kinda pretty".  I have always had a love-hate relationship with winter.  I love the beauty.  I hate the cold.

I plan to spend most of my time this winter in my cozy warm studio sewing up things to help keep us all warm and cozy.  But, I will set aside some time this year to focus on the beauty of winter and I hope to share it here.  Photography has always been an interest of mine and I am planning on taking a class or two this winter to finally learn how to use all of my fancy camera's "bells and whistles".

If all else fails and I can't find anything beautiful about winter to take photos of, I can just hang a quilt in front of the snow and snap a few of that instead...

...and thanks to the kind folks at Andover Fabrics I will have some fun fabrics to play with.   I came home yesterday to a box of goodies that included 2 lovely charm packs of Lizzy House's new collection called Constellations (and yes, it does include a couple of the new pearl bracelet colors).
I am being greedy and keeping one for myself, but am giving away the other one.  Just comment on this post with something you are looking forward to this winter (sewing related or not) for your chance to win.