Thursday, April 19, 2012

My new best friend...

I have been spending some quality time with the Ikea catalog lately. Nearly the entire budget for my new studio space is going to build the garage. There isn't much left for furnishings. I have always been one to "live" in a new space and get a feel for it before doing too much in the way of furnishings and renovations. I have a pinterest board where I have been collecting ideas that range from practical to grand. But for the most part, I plan to use what I have now to start out with. There is one wonderful exception... island! On paper, it looks like I can fit two of these beauties back to back in the center of my new space. The concept of that much space boggles me, but even if I can only get one in there, it is an ISLAND! A paradise, an oasis....
Okay, I guess there are two exceptions. I picked up one of these pretty floral trays. Perfect for transporting my lunch from the kitchen to the studio. I "heart" Ikea! Now, off to sit by the window and wait for the bulldozer to arrive.


  1. Krista/Tiny CrumbApril 19, 2012 at 9:00 AM

    You could take a nap on that island. You might never come back into the house! :)

  2. Oh those islands are just decadent Lisa!

  3. Three cheers for the Ikea kitchen island/cutting tables! Two together will be dreamy. I hope I can come hang out in your amazing new studio :)