Monday, December 10, 2012

Finding Winter's Beauty #2

As previously stated, winter is not my favorite season.  Over my 20+ years of living in Minnesota I have made several attempts to get over that.  There was the"Operation Make Friends With Winter" campaign of 1999.  It had it's fantastic moments, but was deemed unsuccessful.  There have also been winter's that I have made no effort to make peace with piles of snow and frigid temps.  This year I plan to focus on the beauty instead of trying to force myself to actually enjoy winter activities.
Yesterday were were treated to a big dose of winter's beauty!

Over a foot of winter's beauty fell all day long.

And nothing is more beautiful to me than a couple of thrilled and satisfied girls.  They even talked me into a trip down the hill.  I'm not sure who was more entertained, me or the passerby who stopped to see the crazy lady shrieking all the way down the hill.

A few weeks before the snow fell I was able to finish this custom quilt with a variety of Monaluna fabric including a bit of busy city.  I'm so glad that I got it done before winter descended.  As we all snuggled up under our quilts after sledding yesterday, I stopped to think about the quilts that I have made that were hopefully being put to good use around town on a beautiful snowy day.