Monday, January 23, 2012

A Pair of Cords...

Last spring at quilt market, I was bitten by a corduroy bug. These were not your ordinary corduroys, or at least what I am used to. There were a few designers that had some super soft and drapey cord prints in their collection. Thin, but sturdy, in beautiful prints. As soon as they arrived I had to try them out. I made a couple of simple quilt tops and they sat in the "basket" of unfinished projects until today!
The first one, I made out of Amy Butler's Soul Blossom corduroy. As always, the prints were gorgeous. I added a solid green cord from Robert Kaufman.
Next I made the same simple pattern from the corduroy in the Happy Together collection from Timeless Treasures and added an orange solid again from Kaufman.

There were some pros and cons to the project. Something new for a novice corduroy stitcher like myself was working with fabric that has a nap. I am not sure if that is the right term or not, but basically each piece of fabric needs to be placed in the same direction or the sheen changes. Something I didn't catch on to right away. But, all in all, I LOVE the weight and feel of the finished quilts. They are warm and cozy without being too heavy.

In spite of the fact that there was no school today, and I had some extra "help" in the sewing room, I was able to get them done. I am getting pretty close to the bottom of the basket of unfinished quilts. I can't wait to start something new once they are all DONE!


  1. Lovely! Especially in this weather! I just started a king sized flannel Anna Maria quilt, and got nothing done today with my helpers around. I am dying to get back to it! Does the corduroy "scoot" when you're sewing it? Maybe I should try that next!

  2. Oh, I love those Timeless Treasures prints. Great idea!

  3. Thanks Ladies! No scooting...They were so easy to sew with. I was surprised.