Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Beast is back!

This is the machine that I sewed my first stitches on in the early 70's. I recently rescued it from my parents basement. It seems that sometime in the last 40 years something rodent like took up residence inside of it. I brought it in to John and he fixed it right up. I haven't taken it for a spin yet, but it will be fun to take that trip down memory lane!
I also finished another quilt in the basket. My Mom gave me this US Map panel a long time ago. I don't usually use panels like this, but my oldest daughter was very interested in maps at the time. Hopefully she still is. Another thing she was/is interested in is...

...checkers! I used some scraps (also from my Mom) to put together a checker board for the back of the quilt. This quilt will live in the back of my car and will be perfect for hanging out at my husbands softball games this spring/summer. I am thinking that I should add a pocket of some kind to keep some checkers in.

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