Monday, March 25, 2013

Sporadic At Best

Isn't it the worst when you go to someone's blog and find that they haven't posted in months or even  years?  Well that seems to be what is happening here...  When I started my blog I had lots of energy and a craving to stay connected to people as I toiled away alone in my sewing studio everyday.  That need to connect has been satisfied lately in other ways.  

There are so many others out there that have the same solo working environment that I do.  It is so encouraging to be able to get props from FB friends for finishing a project.   It is also great to get distracted by what my FB friends are up to when the project I'm working on isn't going so well.  Everybody needs a water cooler break right?

I have three Facebook pages that I check on my water cooler breaks:
-There is PixieSpit if you want to hear about or better yet, chat about the stuff I sew for my finished product shop on Etsy.  
-I am also at PixieSpit's FRESH STASH fabrics if you want to hear about what new fabrics I have for sale in my fabric shop.    
-And there is also my personal page if we are friends in real life too!  

But most of all...I HEART

I am soooooo visual!  Instagram hits the spot.  It doesn't feel as heavy as a blog and it's not too twittery.  

I can't bring myself to actually "quit" my blog, because things change and you never know when the need to start blogging again might arise.  So for the time being, I will just let it sit here.  Thanks for stopping by.

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