Monday, June 4, 2012

Let there be light & a giveaway winner!

 The electrician came by today and we have power!!  
 I agonized over which white to paint and am very happy with how it looks so far.
The flooring will be delivered tomorrow and installed "soon".  After that I can start MOVING IN...

I'm feeling pretty lucky right now, and so should Annik because she had the lucky # 2 comment on my quilt market posts.  I was hoping to post more often about market, but got distracted by trying to decide between  swan wing white and moon rise white...


  1. I'm stunned and amazing and very delighted to be the winner! Thank you. P.S. wouldn't you like to meet the person/people who came up with those paint color names? What a job!

  2. LOVE the light fixture...enjoy your new space!

    1. Thanks Karen. You will need to check it out in person some day!