Friday, May 25, 2012

A Bright Future for Solids...

 A growing tend has been the use of solids in quilting.  I used to get a lot of grief  from the more traditional quilters that taught me to quilt back in the 90's for my "over-use" of solids.  I am SO glad that I have the backing of the entire Modern Quilt Movement in my love of solids.  I am also glad that nearly every fabric manufacturer is supporting me in my solid inclination.
 Pure Elements from Art Gallery Fabrics are right on task with a palette to match their gorgeous prints!  I placed my first order with Art Gallery and am excited to stock and sew with their luxurious fabric.
 23 new Kona solids were introduced by Robert Kaufmann, because 243 colors were not enough for us. I scored a charm pack of the new colors and ordered up some new color bundles for the shop.
I was also lucky enough to nab a wonderfully packaged color card from Michael Miller of their Cotton Couture collection.

I love each of these collections for a different reason and am afraid of a future garage full of one bolt of every   one of them.  Leave a comment about your favorite color, line, or use for SOLIDS in yet another chance to win the Bella giveaway!


  1. I absolutely love the look of an all-solid quilt, but I've only made one (the Kona challenge through the MMQG). My sweetie just bought me a couple bundles of Kona, so I'll be designing my second VERY soon.

  2. I have been a fan of Kona solids for a long time. But the new lines are going to draw me away. I also need some of those color cards.

  3. I've only tried Kona solids but I love to include solids in almost everything I make!