Monday, March 19, 2012

A very pleasant surprise!

Many weeks ago, I decided that I needed a little solo-getaway to get a little clarity on the direction I want to go with this business of mine , to get a few projects done and to just have some quiet time to myself. I blocked off March 16-18 on the calender to head off alone to our cabin, picturing a slushy, gloomy weekend spent indoors by a nice fire. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. We, here in Minnesota, have been basking in an early burst of springtime weather and it was more than a little distracting...
I did manage to check a few things off the list. The most important being some time for reflection. My friend Sarina, has an incredible free guide for creating and achieving everything from the simplest to the loftiest of goals, personal or profesional, on her website. I truly believe in the power of writing it down and now have some clarity around what direction I want to head and how to get there.
On a more tangible level, I did some of my best multi-tasking to date. A little hand work patching up my favorite pants (that will soon be more patch than pants) while listening to ice melt. It was so loud! I had never managed to make it to the cabin while the ice was actually melting before. I was also entertained by a bald eagle family out for a flying lesson and my big dopey dog looking diligently for what ever was making that sound coming from the lake. He hasn't heard the ice melting before either... Hilarious!
And.. on a much more practical level, I finished up and hung some much needed curtains on our porch. The cabin faces due east and any visitor lucky enough to score a spot to sleep on the futon learns early in the morning that facing due east is a BRIGHT way to wake up. I used an old favorite from Denyse Schmidt for a nice retro-modern feel. Just right for our cabin built in the 40's.

All in all a very good weekend. A perfect re-boot for the brain and spirit.


  1. How lucky to squeeze in some personal time at such a lovely setting. The curtains took great, too :)

  2. Oh, I remember that early spring feeling. Enjoy it!!

  3. Thank you for putting up curtains!
    I love the futon spot :-)

    1. I knew you would appreciate them!!