Thursday, February 16, 2012

Something me at least.

I belong to the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild and we have been doing a block lotto for the last few meetings. It has been so fun to try out new things that I wouldn't ordinarily have tried. This month we are each contributing a string block. I had to do a little googling to get a handle on exactly what that was. I found this great tutorial to get me started.
I dug out a bag of OLD scraps and got after it. I have never paper-pieced before, so that was an interesting process in itself.

One suggestion from the tutorial was to shorten the stitch length to make the paper more perforated in order to remove it more easily. Removing the paper was not necessarily difficult, just fussy. I tend to like my gratification to be more immediate, but the added time to remove the paper was balanced out by the preciseness and stability of my block.

The finished block...may not be perfect, but it sure was fun. Not too sure that I will be making 20 of these for a whole quilt, but I see a string block pillow or two in my future.


  1. I must admit I didn't use a paper pattern/base. I used my 12.5" ruler as a guide and just sewed the strips together. It was slow and I agree I wouldn't want to make 20 of them. A fun way to use of up scraps, though. Your block is really pretty!

  2. Thanks Annik, I really liked your block too...and you followed the directions much better than I did!